Jumpin' Jacks - The Soundtrack To Your Next Party

Jumpin’ Jacks are a musical fireworks show!​​

Similar to fireworks, Jumpin’ Jacks are full of energi, colors and they are highly entertaining.
Just like an impressive fireworks show, their musical abilities will make your jaw drop.

The main ingredients are solid grooves, virtuoso guitar playing, loads of energy and an outstanding charisma, that will get you right from the beginning.
And just like fireworks, Jumpin’ Jacks will make you want to celebrate like it's New Years eve..!

Music you know - like you've never heard it before

Jumpin' Jacks are mixing the energetic Rock 'n' Roll style from the 50's with what ever kind of songs they feel like.
They have a HUGE repertoire of both international and Danish songs as well as around 20 original tunes. Jumpin' Jacks even have an entire "Rockin' Christmas" repertoire.

Jumpin' Jacks - Viral explotion in 2020

Due to the covid19 pandemic, Jumpin' Jacks invented a new type of busking (street performance) in 2020.
Thanks to modern technology and a surplus in musical abilities, Jumpin' Jacks managed to convert the band into a mobile rock 'n' roll trio and keep entertaining, even when all venues and festivals shot down.
They played close to 100 street concerts in 2020 and shared their performances via videos on Facebook. These videos became so popular, that Jumpin' Jacks, within' just a few month reached 150.000 fans on Facebook.